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Washington Capital Management, Inc. (WCM) is an employee owned investment advisory firm founded in 1977.

WCM headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, with branch offices in Portland, Spokane, Southern California, Northern California and Boston.

Currently, WCM invests approximately $5.7 billion in assets1 in pooled or separate accounts for over 120 primarily institutional clients. WCM also manages separate balanced portfolios for a number of qualified individuals, endowments, and foundations.

WCM provides a diverse menu of investment products to meet our clients’ objectives.

*Washington Capital Management, Inc. (WCM) is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Parts 1A and 2A of our ADV are available at www.advisorinfo.sec.gov and for free upon request, through our Seattle office. Nothing on this website should be deemed investment advice. For further information about our advisory services, please contact WCM at the number shown in "Contact Us".

1. Total firm assets under management include both discretionary and non-discretionary accounts managed and serviced including equity, fixed income, net real estate equity, and real estate debt assets. These assets will differ from "regulatory assets under management" as reported in our ADV Part 1.