Corporate History

2017 WCM acquires Great Point Investors, LLC, maintaining the office in Boston, Massachusetts.
2012 Cory Carlson becomes chief executive officer.
2010 Southern California office moves from San Diego to Hermosa Beach.
2008 Office opened in San Francisco, California.
2003 Office opened in Anchorage, Alaska.
1998 Office opened in Portland, Oregon. WCM acquires loan portfolio from AMRESCO, keeping office in San Diego, California.
1997 WCM acquires Compass Group from US Bank, maintaining the office in Spokane, Washington, and initializing the current strategy of building a branch network to facilitate real estate related business.
1996 WCM begins offering pension fund clients a strategy to invest in real estate equity.
1991 The company’s name is changed to Washington Capital Management, Inc. Mike Russell becomes chief executive officer.
1990 The organization moves their office to Seattle, Washington.
1987 With contributions from several Taft-Hartley pension trusts, an investment strategy was created to invest in construction and permanent mortgages for union-built projects. El Jahncke begins his affiliation with the firm, later becoming president.
1983 Mike Russell joins the organization as chief investment officer and initiates investment products in equities and fixed income.
1981 Offices are moved to Kirkland, Washington.
1980 Jim Hubbard, a Seattle attorney, joins the firm as a partner to market services to the building and construction trades. The firm is renamed Krehbiel & Hubbard, Inc.
1977 Local businessman John Krehbiel starts a small investment advisory firm in Bellevue, Washington, called Equity Timing Consultants, Inc. The firm provided a tactical asset allocation product to increase equity participation in up markets and reduce exposure in down markets.